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Quality Show is a gaming news podcast where the hosts, Okininja and Lasersniper, work to provide you with the most updated and quality news in gaming.

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    Quality Update 125

    Twitch readds ads to Prime, Ain’t no party like a SNES party because a SNES party don’t stop until we get hit by copyright, Gamer donates games to local library, I wonder how many late fees that paid off?

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    Quality Update 124

    A gamer doesn’t want to pay games with girls, looks like someone didn’t get their cootie shot this year, Bethesda makes griefers a feature in Fallout 76, only $9.99 to get one for yourself, Oh great, it looks like space gets Earthbound before the NA region,

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    Quality Update 123

    Dota 2 Pros Lose To Al, whoever this Al person is must be really good, Leffen decides to give his grand prize winnings to charity, ie everyone he beat, This little girl just wants you all to ANSWER THE QUESTION.

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    Quality Update 7-9-18

    We are taking a summer break guys. Picking back up on August 6th

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    Quantity Show E3 2018

    This is being put up more for posterity at this point. I am sorry for the delay on this but there were technical issues I was trying to work out.

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    Quality Show 122

    With a real politician coming into EVE politics, will he bring scandal and corruption?.....oh wait they already have that, Twitch Sues the Suer for Suing them in a suit. Su-Su-Sussudio, Is your TV or Monitor too big to play games on now, well Steam has a new option for you!

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    Quality Show 121

    Nintendo releases some information on the Switch’s online services, we’ll get more information the next time their parents get off the phone, A group of people are doing something inconceivable. Letting Zelda be apart of the Legend of Zelda, Someone is auctioning off their game collection. I wonder if they’ll have Battletoads.

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    Quality Show 120

    To be a speedrunner you need dexterity, skill, and a lot of grease, PUBG Cheaters are getting banned from life….or rather a timeout….they're going to jail, People are suing 3rd party switch dock makers, will they employ as cheap of lawyers as they do parts?

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    Quality Show 119

    Fish in the pond, help your neighbours, explore a bright and open world, this is not the Doom I remember, When you give them tools to create anything, they will of course create the meme, Valve purchases Campo Santo, and Firewatch 3 confirmed. (now with findable turtle).

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    Quality Show 118

    The best drug of all can be found inside NES Cartridges, and we aren’t talking about Nostalgia, Is your online game worth risking your life for? Unfortunately more than a few gamers say yes, The King of Donkey Kong is fighting to keep his World Record, THROUGH TECHNICALITIES!

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    Quality Show 117

    PuBG is trying to eliminate other battle royale games. Looks like they’re going for their very own chicken dinner in the game of copyright protection. What do you do when real farming bores you? You Switch™ it up and Farm in video games! Hurry and get this street fighter board game before it gets taken dowwwoooh wait…..Capcom Licensed this one?

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    Quality Show 116

    It’s time to $ELL $ELL $ELL Your CS:GO Skins, With the power of music, streamer turns a hoard of trolls into a flock of fans, With 3rd party Switch docks, you can now make the most expensive brick wall ever!

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    Quality Show 115

    Some Fortnight Players are getting more than their victories robbed from them. Sony has grounded its players, They won’t let them go outside and play. After 12 arduous months, 1 man has the determination to git gud

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    Quality Show 114

    President Trump is having a meeting about video games with top officials, looks like he needs help getting past the first goomba again.

    A brand new Pokemon Cafe is opening in Japan next week, Soon we shall dine on Squirtle Soup!

    Do you like game development and game communities? Well we have some QUALITY books to share with you. Pending Funding

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    Quality Show 113

    Don’t you hate it when people bring up your past mistakes. It seems like that’s why the ESA hates museums, When the ESA accomplishes there goal of destroying every game you have ever loved, you may have to resort to playing them solely on LEGOs, A rarely before seen game has been brought to the light of day. This historic event wouldn’t happen if the ESA had their way.

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    Quality Show 112

    This flight sim is stealing a lot more than just your time, We had a funny joke here, but by the time you listen to this recording it would have been DELETED, CS:GO Gambling site owner PhantomLord is making another gamble by suing Twitch over his ban.

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    Quality Show 111

    Bethesda Announces Two Titles To Come Out Before Elder Scroll 6, Hopefully they’re Elder Scrolls 7 and 8…, Man decides to rely on his gaming skills in order to eat this month. Hopefully he didn’t choose to play Battletoads, If you want to help locate old lost video games, tweet #IFoundAnOldGameInMyAtticOrClosetOrBasementOrOldHouseAndIWouldLikeToFindThemAHomePlease,

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    Update (& Micro News) 2-5-18

    We apologize for the non-episode, but Oki is sick still and Laser is in a neck brace. We are pretty beat up. So here is just some raw news

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    Quality Show 110

    It isn’t Christmas anymore, but it still feels really chilly with Blizzard looking over your shoulder, You can play dragonball like you were a kid again, through blocky textures and pixely fighting, The Switch doesn’t have the best online mode, but at least it is working unlike PSN,

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    Quality Show 109

    Sony is coming out with their own Amiibos, all the cost with none of the fun. You playing a game? CONFETTI! Walking down the street? CONFETTI! Sitting in your chair doing nothing? CONFETTI! Thanks to innovations in speedrunning, we get to see more Windwaker by seeing less of it.

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    Quality Show 108

    Overwatch League, a place for diverse characters. Not so much the players. Amazing player De-feets Ninja Gaiden style platformer at PAXs Games Done Quick Takes ooooooooh, it's already done

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    Quality Show 107

    In honor of AGDQ we will attempt to finish this episode in record time and to comment you will need to pay $14.99. Just like the Flood, the Halo TV show keeps coming back and won’t stay dead! It’s EVERYWHERE, WHY IS IT SO TERRIFYING!!! With a new year, we bring new Skyrim news. Another reason to play Skyrim again, for the 12th time...

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    Quality Show 106

    The most passive aggressive war in history has finished with the fall of a civilization. Rolling around at the speed of HI-AAAAAH Russian eSports players says lawl to LoL after suspension

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    Quality Show 105

    Sanctions against Pokemon Go has been lifted, just in time for all those people not playing it anymore, A speedrunner of N64 hit Goldeneye just broke an inconceivable record. You could say he is the man with the golden run. You could say he beat the clock-tapussy. Its great to see the timefall, The old record holder is now known as Dr. Slow.

    Twitch streamer streams UFC PPV illegally, looks like he’ll be getting taken down faster than Aldo in the third round.

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    Quality Show 104

    Overwatch Pro Plays so well Blizzard Nerfed him, Hmmmmm I wonder what this dragonrune letter my non-nerdy girlfriend gave me, eeeeh wait a couple years before reading it, Magic player brings his decklist and victory cake in one package,

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    Quality Show 103

    Tera shuts down their in game chat for being too infectious, just like the viruses people were sending over it. Mario Odyssey player decides to go outside after 100% the game in one sitting, he proceeds to burst into flames upon contact with the sun, In a surprising twist, people are happy with Battlefront twooooooh wait a minute…… Apparently this week’s episode is sponsored by EA

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    Quality Show 102

    He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's back, He's ba......

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    Quality Show Ep 101

    Well it looks like we are in for a pretty mundane Halloween this year. Pretty normal and nothing haunting us from our past in this episode. Just talking about Eco-Terrorists, EA killing fan projects, and GameStop reviving and old practice from the dead. But don't worry, we got some spooky game statues to talk about as well.

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    Quality Show Ep 100

    We covered so much Nintendo news this time around, I don't see why we just don't make ourselves a Nintendo podcast :P

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    Quality Show 99

    Reviews are crashing brave Kerbalnauts, IGN purchases Humble Bundle, and we are left here wondering why does this Nova cosplay look so freaking good? Oh and of course games. There are games to talk about I suppose. For instance, there is this great look point & click gam......you know what, maybe you should take a listen yourself ;)

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    Quality Show 98

    We delve into the archaeology of No Man's Sky. But not before we talk about assassination of TellTale's Russian street cred and Speed runners taking on some insane challenges. And in games we found a couple of gem kickstarters for you guys & gals. Oh, and Hands of Fate 2. Can't forget some Hands of Fate 2.

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    Quality Show 97

    This week we are back on Nintendo's back as they can't get off of ours. But we have good news to with small victories being won for voice actors everywhere. Then we listen to some sweet video game based music.

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    Quality Show Ep 96 (Sorta Of)

    Not our usual episode guys & gals, but we have included all our regular news we would have covered. Sorry for the let down all. Everything will be back to normal next week.

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    Quality Show Ep 95

    This week we cover we have some on the spot branding in eSports, just as we are getting some details about EVO happening in Japan. Then we take a look at some old tech being made new and cover some some absoulutly beautiful games like Hiveswap and The First Tree. And we can't forget about the kickstarter we found this week. We had some fun recording this one for you.

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    Quality Show Ep 94

    Campo Santo of Firewatch fame may have kicked off a copyright legal issue while EA stands to help DACA employees. At the same time we have cards remixing music and people stealing lego cars. It is an interesting week, and we have yet to cover the games! Take a listen to this weeks Quality Show.

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    Quality Show Ep 93

    Controversy is brewing again in the Smash community as standardized rules are being emplaced while League of Legends teams are backing out of LCS because of unfair wages. It's not all bad news though because we get to cover some charity work and hear what dev's do to make games a bit more fun. Then we have a boatload of games to talk about. It is a full episode this week. Good thing there are 2 hosts....right..........right?!?!?

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    Quality Show Ep 92

    This week on Quality Show we talk about game devs fighting against keyresellers, possible Half-Life 3 plot, and an epic dance battle between two fearsome teams. That is not all though. We have a multitude of released games from Ubisoft, Nintendo, and a bunch of indie stuff.

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    Quality Show Ep 91

    Oki is back, the games are good, and the sun got blotted out by the moon. What a great day. This week Blizzard and Splatoon kinda take over the community segment but there is a short film announcement and we talk about the solar eclipse. And around the bend we talk about a good chunk of new and upcoming RPG's that have taken our interest. Stick around, it is going to be a Quality time.

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    Quality Show Ep 90

    Diving into the deep end this week as tournament payouts, controller bans, and secret stream snipping guilds are on the schedule. So after all that skulduggery and shady dealings, we get to talk a little about how trust works and how it relates to us today, thanks to a little game. Speaking of games, we have some cool titles returning in the Checkup. As well as greeting some earlier peaks with a few demo's and betas coming out.

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    Quality Show Ep 89

    This week we uncover news that Nintendo wasn't the only reason NES classics were scarce. We talk about gaming athlete's and benefits, as well as some pretty amazing speedrunning feats. But we can't forget the games can we? This week we are bring out some classic point & click adventure, some SHUMP action, and even a Metriodvania.

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    Quality Show Ep 88

    This week we get to have a Quality Talk with Colin from the LUCAH Kickstarter. After that we take a dive into esports controversy and Pokemon Go anger. But don't worry, some amazing games are around the corner later in the show where we dive deep into magic and far into space.

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    Quality Show Ep 87

    ESL eSports takes aim at the younger generation via Disney XD. First PS4, Then Xbox One, Now an Indie game subscription service? What’s next, mobile games? Just announced, the Ataribox! It can…..play games…..I guess?

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    Quality Show Ep 86

    Oki is finally back from his big trip and boy do we have a lot to chat about. First up we have a big Minecraft YouTuber retiring, a Singer Suing ZeniMax over a Fallout 4 ad, and we get to reveal the story behind the hanging duck taped gamer kid from the 80's. But that's not all We have a cluster of VR looking games that aren't VR, and look better for it. As well as a Nintendo Direct centered around the up and coming Splatoon 2 release. All brought to you in your favorite Quality format.

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    Quality Show Ep 85

    This week we see a good chunk of eSports, check in on the Games Done Quick Event, and take a peek at some potentially skeevy things coming from Dead or Alive VR. But don't worry, we are also talking about several good look games in the works as well.

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    Quality Show Ep 84

    Oh man does Lasersniper get steamed at Nintendo this episode. And then we have a debacle from China and Livestreaming. We do eventually talk about some fun in this episode though so stay tuned!

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    Quality Show Ep 83

    With Oki taking a few weeks off for summer vacation, decided to try a little bit of a format change......was suppose to be shorter be we will refine it in the coming weeks.

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    Quantity Show: E3 2017 pt2

    E3 finally wraps itself up and we have some amazing news coming out of Nintendo. Like legit great news. Expect to be buying a Switch if you are any sort of Nintendo fan.

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    Quantity Show: E3 2017

    E3................Seriously I am beat and we still have 3 more days to go.

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    Quality Show Ep 82

    Honestly it seems like ever game device has a Netflix for games, meanwhile Nintendo still struggles with online, and Twitch chat is making money on the side? This sure is a weird show.

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    Quality Show Ep 81

    This week, while things are a bit sad with people leaving us one way or another. We still get some great news about future tech, a fan game, and some long awaited titles that have just released.

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    Quality Show Ep 80

    Nintendo fanboys never cease to amaze me, a Nintendo fanboy. But we have more important news with the Asian Olympics, Twitch making streaming more profitable, and the break through of a major technology. Oh and there are some cook games out as well.

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    Quality Show Ep 79

    This week is a roller coaster of emotions when we cover Nintendo's business decisions, EA Star Wars games, and nostalgic blasts from the past and Kickstarter. Buckle up and prepare to feel.....everything.

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    Quality Show Ep 78

    Controversy is abound this episode with copyright strikes by companies against gamers, for gamers, and sort of protecting gamers? Then we have a movie coming for a game that is in development? This is a weird one.

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    Quality Show Ep 77

    With the government taking more a stronger stance online and advertisers getting right up into your face, it is nice to know we have at least a few good games to look forward to.

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    Quality Show Ep 76

    This week Oki talks about how Jontron was silenced, how Blizzard could be hurting their eSports scene, and Ubisoft's unusually high pricing for For Honor. Meanwhile, lotta good looking games for the Line up this week as well.

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    Quality Show Ep 75

    Man do we have some bright stars in our future. We look at some really fun looking games on Kickstarter. Then a quick talk about some cool game updates for Rocket League, Overwatch, and CSGO.

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    Quality Show Ep 74

    Outside of more eSports "scandal" and Nintendo Switch promises, we have some pretty cool games coming out soon and a announcement about Twitch's future

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    Quality Show Ep 73

    This week, Oki leads the show through VR advancements and future concerns while Laser is sad he has to sit this show out >:(

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    Quality Show Ep 71

    Whether it be for geo-tied locations or digital sales, Nintendo is on the forefront of a digital war.

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    Quality Show Ep 70

    After last weeks crap shoot, we get back into the swing of things with fun entertaining new games and news. Once we get passed the "controversial" stuff.

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    Update 1/27/17

    Sorry to say it but there will be no Quality Show this Saturday.

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    Quality Show Ep 69

    In all honesty, we apologize for this episode xD

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    News Spotlight: The Nintendo Switch

    Oki and Laser decide to spend some extra time talking about the Nintendo Switch, and the decent amount of games coming to the new console.

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    Quality Show Ep 68

    As the year ramps up, we get release dates for some cool games, some interesting fan projects taking off, and Nintendo's big announcement for the year.

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    Quality Show Ep 67

    The first week of the New Year is full of.....well not many games. But there is still some interesting news in tech.

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    Quality Show Ep 66

    Want to learn how to make a game? Well fuck you, here’s a cool map of Legend of Zelda though. Once again we show our technological advancement by making an old game playable on an old handheld, Nintendo sells Nostalgia with classic games… Not surprising to anyone it sold out because of Nintendo’s shitty infrastructure It’s that time of year again; open your wallets, it’s Steam sale time! Santa is coming to give you presents, while Nintendo is coming to steal them and shove coal down yo…. Laser hates Nintendo now, but I’m just here smiling with my Waluigi Amiibo. Things heat up in this OverWatch comic, meanwhile in Russia, it coooooooold Overwatch makes light of a sad subject. I now have no chance to date Tracer. Microsoft upgrades it’s BeamTM, and our streams can’t repel latency of that magnitude.

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    Quality Show Ep 65

    Nintendo takes the war on piracy to a new mobile level, maybe they should worry about all the rip off pokemon games instead, Sony is bringing the physical game of cards turned digital back to the physical while staying digital, eSports is coming to the big screen with the help of...... Will Ferrell? Can we stay on the small screen please?

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    Quality Show Ep 64

    Sony bans man who shares in game nudes, remember kids spread gore not whores, Strap in for a 111 hour charity stream drive, one that would take 6 hours in real life, Nintendo introduces the next big advancement in monetary transactions, Pay-to-Chat

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    Quality Show Ep 63

    First, AI conquered GO, then DOOM, next Starcraft 2......I am sensing a disturbing trend here. Oculus Rift to take advantage of asynchronous spacewarp, of the wibbly wobbly timey sort. I also hear the resolution is better on the inside, You may be feeling (insert emotion here) from the election, We suggest a heavy dose of gaming news, wonder where you can find that?

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    Quality Show Ep 62

    Twitch looks to get more Quality ads; Twitch.TV, your place for gaming entertainment, Microsoft's new Haptic Touch allows for enhanced feeling. Looks like I;m not playing Knife Juggler VR anymore, A very nice looking T-rex gets married faster in Skyrim tan any other person ever! Wait...what?

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    Quality Show Ep 61

    Twitch gets a cooking show, rumors are the cook will Twitch chat like Twitch Plays... GameStops are now accepting retro trade-ins, maybe they'll finally have Battletoads As gamers we sometimes put aside our differences to unite for a cause, noble causes, like dancing.

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    Quality Show Ep 60

    With Nintendo & PC getting a foothold in the Super Handheld market, we'll see if this is another "gimmick" Microsoft and Sony will pursue, Samsung tries to take down videos off the internet; the community response is rather explosive, Are you interested in watching people play Candy Crush on TV to win some prize money? No? Well CBS has a new show for you!

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    Quality Show Ep 59

    Inside's sound designer finally proves that you don't need a brain to create a game soundtrack, Valve to include Dualshock 4 support in the future. Yeah but what about Dualshock 3, Professional snooker player absolutely falls head over heels for VR,

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    Quality Show Ep 58

    AGDQ 2017 games released and they decided to change up the lineup to feature Mario is Missing, Washington steps into strike at video game gambling, Meanwhile you can gamble on Twitch now, This just in, Super Mario Bros has a new record, This just in, Super Mari,This Just In, TH, STOP BEING SO GOOD!

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    Quality Shop Ep 57

    If you didn't get to play the game, now is the time to Fire-Watch the movie, You may have seen some Overwatch PotGs, but you havn't seen these Overwatch PotGs, or maybe you have....I don't know What's better then having a rubber ducky? having more than one rubber ducky!

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    Quality Show Ep 56

    Sega goes for 90's nostalgia marketing, too bad they forgot the jean jackets and slap bracelets Is that an aracade cabinet in your pocket or are you just ahppy to see me? Want the complete experience of No Man;s Sky, well now there's a mod that adds everything missing.

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    Quality Update Sept 18th 2016

    Hey guys, it's Michael, also know as Lasersniper. I am sorry but time got a way from Oki and myself. That is the reason there is no episode this week. You can always check out our Twitter feed, @Quality_Show, for AT LEAST a bit of daily news, but I know that isn't a fraction of what we normally bring you. For that we apologize.  We do not plan on missing any more episodes, so Ep 56 will be up this coming Saturday (Sept 24th). Again, we apologize for leaving you hanging again this week and will put forth all our effort on not doing that again without notice.

  86. Thumb 1497938302 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 55

    Pokemon Go Eggs are blasphemous in India, lets hope they don;t result in any Eggsecutions PlayStation 4 is Slimming down before it Bulks up this November The growers of PEAs create their own CS:GO Tournament, supplying a $500,000 Prize Pool

  87. Thumb 1497938299 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 54

    Playstation Now Is out now, now is the time to join if you want Now Dead or Alive VR demo shows the shocking truth that the game IS aimed at teenage boys. Lindsay Lohan Grand Theft Auto 5 suit thrown out in court....her lawsuit guys, her lawsuit.

  88. Thumb 1497938299 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 53

    Niantic announces plans to be the first to create Pokemon Go-ogle Glass™ Destiny Streamers and fans raise over $500k for charity. Wow, that's impressive for all 7 of them. Overwatch to retire heroes in the future, Here's to hoping it's (Insert Hero's Name)

  89. Thumb 1497938293 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 52

    Pokemon! Gotta Cover them all, It's our only articles! Pokemon! Welcome to our new show, the Quality Pokemon Go Show First up, Harry Potter Go; followed by our Kalos revolution

  90. Thumb 1497938291 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 51

    Xbox One S Modded into a mobile gaming device, also know as a "Laptop" Streamer upgrades D'va play with Twin Joysticks, while his cosplay received a nerf Pokemon World Championships have closed to the public, good thing all the pokemon are outside now

  91. Thumb 1497938288 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 50

    This week we get to interview game studio, DreamSail. Hopefully we don't DreamFail Pokemon Company announces new peripheral, now I can have a bracelet for each hand The Netflix of magazines has added Nintendo Power to its shelves. Archive.org & scroll.

  92. Thumb 1497938288 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 49

    Gamer's Feet Prove to be as fast as lightning, In fact it was a little but frighting. Twitch Clips available for all channels, now you can record your friends worst moments and share them. Xbox Gamertags expire in 5 years, time to stock up on those 24 hr trial cards 

  93. Thumb 1497938283 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 48

    Twitchcon to have a talent show for the creative categories. Here’s hoping Bob Ross gets in. McDonald’s becoming official Pokemon Gyms in Japan. I would like my badge to go please. We won’t spoil EVO for you, but we will say you will be HUNGRY for more after the show. BOX

  94. Thumb 1497938280 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 47

    Pokemon Go is so good it caused my co-host to leave Nintendo teases a micro NES with a micro library Blizzard says 11 years is to long for rude mouths to plague World of Warcraft

  95. Thumb 1497938277 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 46

    Who will win, a speedrunner, a professional track team, or Steven Colbert's mouth? YouTuber gifts Pope Underatale, in other news, the Pope bans yellow flowers from all churches, SGDQ 2016 has just begu......what do you mean they are almost done?

  96. Thumb 1497938277 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 45

    Mighty No 9 turning out to be Mighty Number 2, You're a squid now, you're a kid now, you'r a motion controlled VR game now, Steam Summer Sale just started, looks like it's time to crack open the wallet and buy all those Indie Game Shoutouts you've been waiting for.

  97. Thumb 1497938272 artwork

    Quantity Show E3 2016

    The Division is coming out with an expansion for all 11 people still playing Star Wars, showing its presence by not showing any gameplay God of War 4, more like Disappointed Father Simulator 300 b.c

  98. Thumb 1497938270 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 44

    An Amazing breakthrough happened when the Power Glove was transformed into a working controller Child surprised to find out that when you spend $50,000, you get charged $50,000 Blizzard to implement Facebook because you know, WoW players need all the help they can get

  99. Thumb 1497938266 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 43

    VR is going to take over our lives, it is already taking over our show! Pong in real life? I can finally play Air Kockey with friends without leaving with bloody knuckles! Creators of Doom continue their long tradition of catering to Satanists.

  100. Thumb 1497938267 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 42

    Just like with laundry, Stellaris doesn't like to mix it's whites with its colors. Twitch to launch its first barber shop, Twitch Clips Much like an anime fan on prom night, the new Mighty No. 9 trailer will have you dashing like a moon-man, food, awesome-cool; look kids, I'm hip!

  101. Thumb 1497938262 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 41

    There's a chance you could win a copy of WoW with an upcoming Warcraft Movie Ticket, Hopefully the upcoming Tetris movie will do something similar Xbox is Freeing old and unused gamertags. We might be able to finally get XXXQuality_Show_420_noScopeXXX Islamic Stat releases a phone app for children. It's currently not available through itunes. Making it so most of their members aren't able to access it.

  102. Thumb 1497938260 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 40

    Disney Infinity doesn’t live up to its name… the… the infinity part… They closed down. GTX 1080 announced as best graphics card! I think it means I can finally play games in 1080p Apparently beating your SO on stream is a bad thing.

  103. Thumb 1497938256 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 39

    New marketing strategy from Cracker Jacks, get rid of your selling point! Looking for a new keyboard? Well Logitech says "F*** You!" and scratches 160 perfectly good ones ESL Banned the YouPorn eSports team; in other news, Naked females raise the popularity of Rust.

  104. Thumb 1497938255 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 38

    People are working hard to get Halo back on the PC. No not, 5… or 4…. Or 3… Halo 2. Minecraft... the new esport? Esports... the new Olympics?

  105. Thumb 1497938244 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 36

    Looks like there is no DICE on a fan made Battlefront 3, which is a good thing? It's My Nintendo, and I want it NOW! Pokken Tournament is getting LAN support, that is no excuse for bad internet support Nintendo.

  106. Thumb 1497938251 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 37

    I like big butts and I can not lie, The Overwatch devs deny You though gaming controls would stop at toasters? Well Women have something to say about that! Dark Souls 3 is about to be released, oh goody my razor blades were getting dull.

  107. Thumb 1497938249 artwork

    Quality Show 35

    Ubisoft releases another game and this one puts a division in the player base The Wii U gets the music streaming service of Rhapsody, proving once again it’s 9 years behind the current market. Manus VR Gloves works its way into the HTC VR. Now you can Jive with your Vive.

  108. Thumb 1497938236 artwork

    Quality Show 34

    Even the characters in Star Wars think Battlefront is lacking in content. Apparently being an unprofessional cu*BEEEEEEEP* Steam makes it possible for me to get even better deals… and spend more money…

  109. Thumb 1497938233 artwork

    Quality Show 33

    Animator creates a 101 racer Mario Kart, it's like racing in LA traffic Help Leo Dicaprio get the Oscar he deserGOD DAMMIT LADY GAGA Pokken Tournament has tournaments coming up, now all we need is the game

  110. Thumb 1497938244 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 32

    Stuck in a game? easy! Just wait a couple of decades and someone is bound to create a robot to beat the game for you! MSI creates a laptop that can stare longingly back into your eyes so you don’t have to say “Xbox off” anymore. We tried to write something funny about Arkham Knight, but it’s just sad now.

  111. Thumb 1497938235 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 31

    Nintendo announced their Quality of Life devices were not Quality enough, We will be the judge of that. How much VAC could a hacker hack, if a hacker’s hack hacked back. There has been a string of prank calls from

  112. Thumb 1497938223 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 28

    Sony is trying to trademark "Let's Plays", We also hear they are trying to trademark gaming and videos as well. The lead writer of Half-Life leaves Valve after 18 years, the last episode came out 11 years ago, 18 minus 11 equals 7, subtract the letters in his first name which is 4 makes 3 HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED. Twitch Plays gets its own Twitch category, can't wait until we get Twitch Plays Twitch Plays.

  113. Thumb 1497938232 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 30

    A hotel that let's you play video games? Yup, that's why I'm going to Amsterdam. The CW is adding eSports to its TV Line-up. Sweet now I have something to watch after Vampire Diaries! We're talking about Pokemon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, am....am I kid again?

  114. Thumb 1497938223 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 29

    Ubisoft contracts YouTubers to make The Division mini-series, we're giving it an 80% chance of getting a copyright strike. Axiom Verge is releasing its soundtrack as a Vinyl, we hear they're making a movie only to be released on VHS. 1998 Metal Gear Solid game is getting a fan remake in the Unreal Engine, Konomi is fine with it as long as they make Pachinco machine along with it.

  115. Thumb 1497938219 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 27

    Steam is going mobile...sorta...kinda....we aren't sure how.  Now is the time to pick you your novelty Mario merch, only $400 a shirt Try on the finest selection of virtual clothes thanks to Kinect.

  116. Thumb 1497938219 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 26

    Xbox One scraps Kinect Features I wonder if it scraps into circuitry or plastic, Hatsune Miku to Tour North America I Wonder if they will stop by Diamond City, Pokemon Company sues store owner for 57560 caps or $4,000

  117. Thumb 1497938212 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 25

    We're getting a new video game movie,  thats never gone wrong before Doctors needed help so they turned to those with more dedication than themselves.... EVE players. We've gotten rid of Quality eSports as the LoL season is in full effect and the title wouldn't match up with the content.

  118. Thumb 1497938211 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 24

    The Kinect Finally gets used well, and of course it isn't with video games No Man's Sky gets a release date, Fallout 4 coming out soon, Half-life 3 confirmed? Batman Arkham Knight re-released on PC, let's hope this time it has less problems than Gotham City

  119. Thumb 1497938208 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 23

    Excited for a new Conker game? Well there is a neeeew video of an old one Splatnet is online for Europe and North America users, Twitter available 24/2 FTL is making vinyl soundtracks, because vinyl makes the best sounds, they are so good they are rumored to move faster then light

  120. Thumb 1497938208 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 17

    China lifts ban on video game consoles, now once they lift the ban on free time, their citizens will be able to enjoy life. Five Night's at Freddy's gets a Director The PS4 gets a new updated controller, they call it a keyboard and mouse

  121. Thumb 1497938201 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 16

    Twitch reveals HTML5 player! and… it still uses flash. Microsoft down $2.1 billion, all according to plan says CEO Bane Angry Birds 2 is coming out July 30th. I could be counting wrong but I am sure this is the 18th game in the franchise, though I could be wrong.

  122. Thumb 1497938200 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 15

    Want to start modding for money, we might have a Sprk to help you get started… Steam Summer Sale is here! Now only if we made money for doing this podcast… STEVE Do you find Farming Simulator not as immersive as you want, well boy howdy do we have a peripheral for you!

  123. Thumb 1497938196 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 14

    Australia adopts a new "rate yourself" system to cover digital games; We're rated PG-MA Holy Terrible Launch Batman! Arkham Knight Stutters through the opening gates A Computer Hobbyist has made a game that runs in Twitter's 140 character limit, If only we made a clever title about it in that many charac-

  124. Thumb 1497938195 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 13

    Strangely we have little news today.... I guess nothing happened this week in gaming The Nintendo World Champion is from America! USA USA USA! Bethesda announced a new Strategy Card Game, Here's to hoping for some awesome game breaking bugs...I mean features

  125. Thumb 1497938191 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 12

    Want to start modding for money, we might have a Sprk to help you get started… Steam Summer Sale is here! Now only if we made money for doing this podcast… STEVE Do you find Farming Simulator not as immersive as you want, well boy howdy do we have a peripheral for you!

  126. Thumb 1497938190 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 11

    Heroes of the Storm is released, maybe now we’ll consider it a real esport?…. no. Sorry to the 4 people that are offended by that. LEGO releases the next Minecraft killer, I feel this will finally be the one! Are you a game designer? Are you an Architect. There’s a way to make money in the world, called getting a job.

  127. Thumb 1497938185 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 10

    Play a Nintendo game on your screen, we'll call it "Screentendo", Ultra Street Fighter 4 is really buggy on PS4, looks like they'll have to wait until the Super Ultra Ultimate Turbo Arcade Edition for the needed updates, Oculus Rift+PC to only cost $1,500. So if  you have a PC that costs more than that, look for your free Oculus.

  128. Thumb 1497938185 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 9

    Didn't get enough online abuse? Well #Notification will fill your quota. Bowser is hired by Nintendo, sorry but your Amiibos are in another castle. Microsoft announces a solitaire tournament, Finally a tournament you can play by yourself.

  129. Thumb 1497938175 artwork

    Quality Show Ep 8

    Angry birds are putting out another game. I have a bird I want to show them. Nintendo Announces a Silver Mario Amiibo, soon to be announced will the red,green,blue, pink, gold, turquoise, orange...... You can now text and drive thanks to a new VR game. Oh good I’ve already got plenty of practice

  130. Thumb 1497938175 artwork

    Quality Show EP 7

    There is a new game that is priced according to the temperature, Let’s hope it drops below zero. UnReal Engine 4 and Valve’s Source 2 announced; 4-2=3! Half Life 3 confirmed! EA rage quits Maxis Emeryville, before shutting it down they threw a tornado, fire storm, and monster attack at it.

  131. Thumb 1497938179 artwork

    Quality Show EP 6

    Rock Band’s back – Alright! Prepare your defenses! We’ve got two games for sieging castles this week First Artemis Space Bridge Simulator Convention Announced! FYI, it’s not about building bridges in space.

  132. Thumb 1497938180 artwork

    Quality Show EP 5

    Broforce gets another free update… in Space, No One Can Hear You, Bro. Ubisoft says FarCry is here to stay… I never knew it was going away. If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s day the humble bundle will give you 7.

  133. Thumb 1497938163 artwork

    Quality Show EP 4

    You can now buy a beta key for Heroes of the Storm, the F2P … wait wat Hamlet is now a choose your own adventure, but in the end everyone still dies. Assassin’s Creed Rogue has you killing the Assassins, making you an… assassin?

  134. Thumb 1497938163 artwork

    Quality Show EP 3

    A new site let’s you see how long it will take for you to finish your Steam library. Looks like I won’t be back for another couple of years. Battlefield: Hardline is having an open beta, I think it’s called Battlefield 4. Guild of Dungeoneering allows you to be your own dungeon master. Now you don’t even need friends!

  135. Thumb 1497938166 artwork

    Quality Show EP 2

    It’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s Holiday, and Hucast has a Dream…cast game coming out. SMITE had it’s first world championships, some would say it was … ungodly. Awesome Games Done Quick … why’d it take them a whole week to do a stream then?

  136. Thumb 1497938166 artwork

    Quality Show EP 1

    Blizzard gives out free time to WoW players, thus taking away more of their actual time. GameStop closed for Thanksgiving, and soon possibly forever. Starcraft II esports season stopped and started almost instantly, what is this baseball?

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