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Quality Show is a gaming news podcast where the hosts, Okininja and Lasersniper, work to provide you with the most updated and quality news in gaming.

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    Quality Show 122

    With a real politician coming into EVE politics, will he bring scandal and corruption?.....oh wait they already have that, Twitch Sues the Suer for Suing them in a suit. Su-Su-Sussudio, Is your TV or Monitor too big to play games on now, well Steam has a new option for you!

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    Quality Show 121

    Nintendo releases some information on the Switch’s online services, we’ll get more information the next time their parents get off the phone, A group of people are doing something inconceivable. Letting Zelda be apart of the Legend of Zelda, Someone is auctioning off their game collection. I wonder if they’ll have Battletoads.

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    Quality Show 120

    To be a speedrunner you need dexterity, skill, and a lot of grease, PUBG Cheaters are getting banned from life….or rather a timeout….they're going to jail, People are suing 3rd party switch dock makers, will they employ as cheap of lawyers as they do parts?

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    Quality Show 119

    Fish in the pond, help your neighbours, explore a bright and open world, this is not the Doom I remember, When you give them tools to create anything, they will of course create the meme, Valve purchases Campo Santo, and Firewatch 3 confirmed. (now with findable turtle).

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    Quality Show 118

    The best drug of all can be found inside NES Cartridges, and we aren’t talking about Nostalgia, Is your online game worth risking your life for? Unfortunately more than a few gamers say yes, The King of Donkey Kong is fighting to keep his World Record, THROUGH TECHNICALITIES!

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    Quality Show 117

    PuBG is trying to eliminate other battle royale games. Looks like they’re going for their very own chicken dinner in the game of copyright protection. What do you do when real farming bores you? You Switch™ it up and Farm in video games! Hurry and get this street fighter board game before it gets taken dowwwoooh wait…..Capcom Licensed this one?

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    Quality Show 116

    It’s time to $ELL $ELL $ELL Your CS:GO Skins, With the power of music, streamer turns a hoard of trolls into a flock of fans, With 3rd party Switch docks, you can now make the most expensive brick wall ever!

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    Quality Show 115

    Some Fortnight Players are getting more than their victories robbed from them. Sony has grounded its players, They won’t let them go outside and play. After 12 arduous months, 1 man has the determination to git gud

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    Quality Show 114

    President Trump is having a meeting about video games with top officials, looks like he needs help getting past the first goomba again.

    A brand new Pokemon Cafe is opening in Japan next week, Soon we shall dine on Squirtle Soup!

    Do you like game development and game communities? Well we have some QUALITY books to share with you. Pending Funding

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    Quality Show 113

    Don’t you hate it when people bring up your past mistakes. It seems like that’s why the ESA hates museums, When the ESA accomplishes there goal of destroying every game you have ever loved, you may have to resort to playing them solely on LEGOs, A rarely before seen game has been brought to the light of day. This historic event wouldn’t happen if the ESA had their way.

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