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Quality Show is a gaming news podcast where the hosts, Okininja and Lasersniper, work to provide you with the most updated and quality news in gaming.

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    Quality Update 125

    Twitch readds ads to Prime, Ain’t no party like a SNES party because a SNES party don’t stop until we get hit by copyright, Gamer donates games to local library, I wonder how many late fees that paid off?

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    Quality Update 124

    A gamer doesn’t want to pay games with girls, looks like someone didn’t get their cootie shot this year, Bethesda makes griefers a feature in Fallout 76, only $9.99 to get one for yourself, Oh great, it looks like space gets Earthbound before the NA region,

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    Quality Update 123

    Dota 2 Pros Lose To Al, whoever this Al person is must be really good, Leffen decides to give his grand prize winnings to charity, ie everyone he beat, This little girl just wants you all to ANSWER THE QUESTION.

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    Quality Update 7-9-18

    We are taking a summer break guys. Picking back up on August 6th

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    Quantity Show E3 2018

    This is being put up more for posterity at this point. I am sorry for the delay on this but there were technical issues I was trying to work out.

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    Quality Show 122

    With a real politician coming into EVE politics, will he bring scandal and corruption?.....oh wait they already have that, Twitch Sues the Suer for Suing them in a suit. Su-Su-Sussudio, Is your TV or Monitor too big to play games on now, well Steam has a new option for you!

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    Quality Show 121

    Nintendo releases some information on the Switch’s online services, we’ll get more information the next time their parents get off the phone, A group of people are doing something inconceivable. Letting Zelda be apart of the Legend of Zelda, Someone is auctioning off their game collection. I wonder if they’ll have Battletoads.

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    Quality Show 120

    To be a speedrunner you need dexterity, skill, and a lot of grease, PUBG Cheaters are getting banned from life….or rather a timeout….they're going to jail, People are suing 3rd party switch dock makers, will they employ as cheap of lawyers as they do parts?

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    Quality Show 119

    Fish in the pond, help your neighbours, explore a bright and open world, this is not the Doom I remember, When you give them tools to create anything, they will of course create the meme, Valve purchases Campo Santo, and Firewatch 3 confirmed. (now with findable turtle).

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